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6The best person to improve a horse’s well being is that horses owner.  A happy horse is the horse who can look to his or her caretaker and know that their emotional and physical well-being is supported.  I became certified in Equine Massage Therapy in 2001, micro current therapy in 2006, and became a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner in 2010.  In the summer of 2016 I became certified through RockTape for athletic equine kinesiology taping.  In the human realm, I have worked at a variety of athletic clubs as an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, an ACSM and AFAA certified personal trainer, as well as a Johnny G certified Spinning instructor.  Achieving a healthy athletic state has always been a passion of mine and I carry that experience with me as I work on performance horses, who need to also be treated like the athletes they are.

By using the variety of therapy modalities I am certified to teach, the horse and horse owner create a stronger bond which makes all aspects of training and competing much easier. The fastest way to make a horse trust you is to give them relief from distress and discomfort, and this can be accomplished by your own hands, or with the addition of micro current stimulation tools.

Although I will treat a client’s horse myself, if requested, my true passion is teaching the horse owner how to treat their horses themselves. This way, the owner not only saves money, but also creates the bond with their horse personally. The owner also does not have to fit the needs of their horse with an outside chiropractor or equine therapists schedule and time frame. An additional benefit is that the horse can get relief as soon as he needs it, not a few days or weeks later, when the chiropractor or equine bodyworker will be available. This becomes a routine maintenance regimen, which will not only fix small issues before they become larger issues, but will also keep the horses muscles and fascia pliable to better fend off injury to begin with.

Become educated about your horses’ anatomy in order to provide quality care for your animal.human-horse-skeletons hand-hoove-skeleton

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Improving the well-being and quality of performance in horses through a variety of equine therapy methods.