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What is Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy?

The horse is a natural grounding entity. When one learns to be mindful in the presence of the horse, the horse provides instant feedback to the people around them.  Horses have the ability to help regulate the troubling emotions that have become a problem for the people experiencing them.

How does it work?

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy involves a client, a facilitator, and one or more horses in an arena type setting.  The facilitator offers suggestions to the client in regard to communicating with the horse.  Once the horse has “hooked on” to the client, the facilitator steps away and allows the horse to continue the session.

For individuals, couples, groups and families


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Couples therapy with horses

Getting along with an equine companion requires effective communication, including non-verbal communication and emotional connection.  As a couple working with the herd, you will learn how your efforts to communicate effect a creature who “reads” you not from what you say, but from how you “feel.”  The horse has a knack for identifying and breaking down relational barriers that you and your partner may have been noticing but could not find the words to describe, since there likely aren’t words, just a “feel.”

Individual and Group work

Either by yourself, or within a group, you will learn to identify emotional “restrictions” in yourself through noticing and becoming aware of the emotional “restrictions” in the horse.  The horse will guide you through subtle cues how to connect first to yourself, and then to others.  Horses “speak” softly to us, without judgement or criticism, when we are gently trying to understand the instinctual language that we as humans share with every other living creature.  Without the limitations of words, you will learn a more effective way to communicate and engage with the world around you.

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