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By using a variety of therapeutic techniques, a stronger bond between horse and owner is created, making all aspects of riding and training much more satisfying.  The horse’s memory of the special bond they shared with their dam before they were weaned is re-stimulated through this gentle process of touch and just “being” with them.


The Masterson Method is an integrated, multi-modality method of equine bodywork.  It is a unique, interactive method in which you learn to recognize and follow the responses of the horse in order to find and release accumulated tension.

Christie utilizes MM in her Equine-Assisted Therapy program to help clients connect on a deeper level with the true nature of the horse.


Christie only uses FDA approved therapy devices for horses.  These units utilize microcurrent, a scientifically proven method for relieving soreness and muscular tension, backed by over 40 years of research.

Using FDA approved microcurrent along with rehabilitative exercise has been proven to stimulate healing and enhance recovery from injuries.  These methods have long been used in our competitive human olympians and athletes, and for the past 30 years have also been used for competition horses.



Several years ago, veterinarians and trainers began experimenting with kinesio-tape on horses and discovered that kinesiology-taping is as effective for horses as it is for humans.  By strategically placing kinesio-tape on identified anatomical structures after a bodywork treatment, the horse is able to maintain awareness of the improved range of motion created during the session.

RockTape Equine is a kinesiology tape that is strong enough for all equestrian sports. It can help reduce and control pain, manage swelling and edema, increase joint range of motion and muscle function. It also helps maintain a level of functionality and comfort for the horse throughout the rehabilitation process. RockTape Equine Kinesiology Tape can be used as either a sole or adjunctive treatment in equine therapy.

Most often, I use it after the bodywork portion of the session in order to help the horse “remember” it’s new found increased range of motion and also to keep the circulation flowing once the restriction in the tissues has been released.

Christie has been honored to have been a student of:

Peggy Cummings – Connected Riding
Sally Swift – Centered Riding
Jim Masterson – Masterson Method

Bambi Dore, Doris Kay Halstead, Dr. Deb Bennett, Buck Brannaman, Deborah Powell, Ray Hunt, Harry Whitney, Lynn McKenzie, and many more great horseman and healers.

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Training generally lasts 6 hours minimum, and includes a comprehensive manual.  

Contact directly for specifics

The Fabulous Five

These clinics teach 5 of the easiest to learn and most effective bodywork techniques that I have come across in my almost 20 years as a professional equine therapist.  These techniques are those that have been used and taught by Jack Meagher, Bambi More, Jim Masterson, and other leaders in the equine therapy world.

Technique for Equine Connection

This clinic focuses more on freeing the emotional “restrictions” of the horse.  This clinic is often utilized by professional counselors who provide Equine Psychotherapy to their human clients.  I’ve always believed in the healing powers that we are given from the horse, and when we learn how to heal the healer, the emotional healing for both entities is profound.

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