Dusty enjoying his new Microcurrent blanket for the first time!









I can do bodywork on horses with a combination of traditional massage, Masterson Method and micro current.  I have been a certified equine massage therapist since 2001, a micro current tech and trainer since 2003 and a Masterson Method Practitioner and Coach since 2011.

I also offer Bodywork instruction and Microcurrent instruction to those who are interested in learning how to provide their own horses with relief and comfort.  I am a dealer for the Best-Vet Pro Microcurrent units made by Avazzia.  (See page under micro current).

My bodywork instruction costs $300 for a private session, which includes a complete evaluation and therapy for the clients horse. I can also do groups from 2-4 people, for the fee of $200 a person.  This instruction includes the 5 most valuable techniques that I have learned throughout my 15+ years of professional service.  These techniques are easy to learn and very beneficial for your horse, whether it be for enhancing performance, or simply increasing the well-being and functional health of your horse.  Training generally lasts 6 hours minimum, and includes a comprehensive manual.
For bodywork alone without instruction, I charge $80 – $120, depending on how long the session lasts, and how many therapies are required.  Sometimes micro current work is very beneficial before or during the entire bodywork session.




Masterson Method Weekend Seminar – January 18, 2015

Masterson Method Weekend Seminar, Wickenburg Arizona masterson method - Whole Horse Connection group photo jan 18 Masterson Method Weekend Seminar, Wickenburg Arizona