My services include a thorough evaluation of the horse, which includes identifying areas of restrictions, tenderness, swelling and pain in the soft tissues and joints of the horse.  I will then begin to release the tension in the horses body through the integration of the therapies that I utilize.  My goal is to recover as much normal range of motion in all of the key biomechanical junctions of the horse as possible.  Many times, the horse has been “stuck” in a certain movement pattern for so long that they actually have “forgotten” that they used to move in a more balanced way.  During my sessions, I take time to let the horse “process” their new found range of motion and freedom from a restriction before moving on to the next treatment area.  I often leave the horse owner with some simple yet effective techniques they can do on their own to help their horse on a daily basis.  Just like humans, a regular routine of stretching and massage can greatly benefit the well-being of the horse.  My sessions take a minimum of 1 hour, and cost $80.00.

I also offer mini clinics- “The Fabulous Five” clinic teaches 5 of the easiest to learn and most effective bodywork techniques that I have come across in the 15+ years as a professional equine therapist.  These techniques are those that have been used and taught by Jack Meagher, Bambi More, Jim Masterson, and other leaders in the equine therapy world.  I also offer a “Technique for Equine Connection” clinic that focuses more on freeing the emotional “restrictions” of the horse.  This clinic is often utilized by professional counselors who provide Equine Psychotherapy to their human clients.  I’ve always believed in the healing powers that we are given from the horse, and when we learn how to heal the healer, the emotional healing for both entities is profound.  Training generally lasts 6 hours minimum, and includes a comprehensive manual.  The cost is $200 a person for a group of 3 or more, or $300 for a private session.



Masterson Method Weekend Seminar – January 18, 2015

masterson method - Whole Horse Connection group photo jan 18 

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